Looking for services:
– Create a service request and let the service provider contact you to discuss the details.
– Select “Service Group” and “Service Type” and define time of expected service delivery.
– You can choose if you want to add additional details or pictures of the problem.
– You don’t pay for use of this application if you are just looking for service providers

Service Providers
– Looking for a job, then download the app and register, there is no subscription or monthly fees or anybody between you and customer.
– Service App is a mobile app which provide you with service request and customer details and the rest is on you.
– App is free of charge until you accept the service request, it may apply a small fee for accepting the service request which depend on the time and country country which you are registered in.
– From today you do not need to pay 20-30% of your profit, all the profit’s from the service you provided remains with you.