Manage real estate and thier owners by using newest solutions, save time, reduce costs by providing automated servicing of all propetries like handling of invoices, payments, settlements, payments reminders all this by ussing our advance mobile app.

Available on App Store & Google Play.

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We enables you to successfully steer through digital transformation processes by helping drive digital adoption at scale.

  • Deliver in-app information to your customers and limit traditional business processes.
  • Improve user experience and reduce time-to-service delivery
  • Enable employees to derive full value from enterprise software products, which allow massive expansion by minimal resources.

Mobile Application for tenants

$0.00 Per Month

1. Property balance - live

2. Last advance Payment  
3. Payments history
4. Property Management - contact details
5. Property Legal Information
6. Announcements History
7. Fault Report resolution Status
8. New Faul Report
9. Voting history
10. Active Voting
11. SMS history
12. Letters history
13. Providing any type of services
14. Requesting any type of services
15. Requesting legal consultancy
16. Proposal Application 
16. Mobile Application available in 9 languages
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Property Managers Features

$/€/£ 5.00 Per Appartment Monthly

1. Maintenance request tracking
2. Announcments Management
3.  Voting Management  
4. Building Technical Inspections
5. Mobile App Payments
6.  Tenants Annual Reports
  7. Property Annual Reports
  8. Email notifications
8.  SMS notifications
9. Letter notifications
10. Online Archive for of docs
  11. Activities tracking
  12. Activity history in term of property
  13. Multi-layer access rights
  14. Phone calls tracking
  16. Provided additional Service Tracking
  17. Notifications send out to tennants in preferred languages
18. Create / Edit Word docs
  19. Create / Edit Excel docs
  20. Create / Edit PowerPoint docs
  21. Shared Property Management
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Business Operations Features

$0.00 Per Month

  1. Automatic invoicing
2.  Automatic E-mail Notifications
  3. Automatic E-mail Reminders
  4. Automatic SMS Notifications
  5. Automatic SMS Reminders
6. Automatic Letter Notifications*
7. Automatic Letter Reminders*
7. Automatic Causes Management
8. Tenants self service on the App
  9. Cases tracking by Agent
  10. Cases SLA tracking by Agent
  11. Cases type tracking by Agent
  12. Payment type by tenants tracking
  13. Document Print tracking tenants
  14. Document reading tracking by Tenants
  15. Type of readed document tracking by Tenants
  16. Automatic Email - Lease end Notification
  17. Automatic SMS - Lease end Notification
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We help businesses build up intelligently automated processes with PropertiesPlatform.

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